May 11, 2015
By: Jenn Pfenning

IMG_1133As the sun heats up the fields the greens are coming on quickly! We received our first Ontario asparagus on Friday, and today we harvested overwintered spinach from our fields.   These go perfectly with the fiddleheads and overwintered kale we harvested last week.

IMG_1135The fresh flavours are a welcome change after the long winter.  Just as we love the comforting savoury tastes of squashes and roots in the fall, so we eagerly reach for the fresh greens in the springtime.

In this world of constant supply where foods come from all over the globe regardless of the season, it seems the idea of seasonality is lost.  For us on the farm, the connection to the seasons is a daily part of our life.  As the warmer weather of spring teases life out of the ground that had been frozen just a few weeks before, we delight in every new sprout and leaf.