September 11, 2017
By: Racheal Duckers

For many, September feels like a new year. Our children return to school, many of us go back to our regular routines as we say goodbye to the summer. For us and most farmers, September can be the busiest month of the whole year! The fresh crops that we’ve been harvesting all summer continue as long as the weather holds, and the storage crops are also ready, which need care to ensure they last throughout the winter months to come.  This means a lot of activity in every area of the farm.  We are currently harvesting an abundance of our delicious carrots and cauliflower, just to mention a few!


We grow colored varieties of both of these crops, with purple and cheddar cauliflower and rainbow carrots coming soon! To accompany these bright and beautiful colors is our rainbow chard – a bouquet so beautiful it could sit on your counter in a vase!

Each year it is rewarding to have students be part of the community here. Jaspal, a Co-op student from Fleming College offers further insight of what it is like to work on our farm during harvesting and packing in his own blog here: