March 03, 2015
By: Justin Krulicki

They’re the 3 “M’s” also known as Maggie, Mocha and Myra.

Enter the office at Pfenning’s and you will be greeted with a friendly WOOF. Sometimes even twice.

That woof is their way of saying hello and welcome to Pfenning’s. It is also their way of letting our office staff know that a visitor has arrived.

Bring one of our friendly fluffy friends a Pfenning’s carrot and they will become one of your best friends. Just know that they will expect that treat every time you come back.

The dogs have become an essential aspect of the Pfenning’s farm office. Without them it just wouldn’t be the same.

Their day begins at 8 am and by 8:15 am they begin begging to go outside for coffee break. Eventually 9 am arrives and it is announced, typically by either Wolfgang or his wife Regina, that it is coffee time!

Just the mere hint of the word “coffee” makes Maggie, Mocha and Myra leap up from the floor and head to the door. It wouldn’t be coffee break without the dogs.

A couple tosses of their cherished ball outside and our fluffy friends are all tuckered out. The morning finishes with quiet as the 3 companions are exhausted and find some shut eye time on their favourite blankets.

Some days they head home at lunch and other days they stay for the afternoon. Should they be lucky enough to stay, they usually wait anxiously for some of our drivers to return. They know that certain drivers carry certain treats.

The 3 dogs are much more than just friendly pets that make Pfenning’s office their home during the day. They lift up the mood, create some laughs and put extra smiles on the faces of Pfenning’s employees. It doesn’t matter the stress, difficulties or issues of the day, these friends are always there for you.

Pfenning’s office has 10 desks, typically filled every day. However there are 13 office staff members. Just 3 of them can’t type or talk and 90% of the time they only eat dog food. Yet they are all a part of the Pfenning’s family.

Make sure you stop by one day to meet them!