July 17, 2015
By: Bernadette Antoniou

Ever wonder why sometimes the fresh-grown greens that are purchased directly from a grower are sometimes lovely and clean, and other times very dirty indeed?   The answer lies with the weather – heavy rains hitting the fields cause mud to splatter up and get in all the crinkles and folds of the leaves.

Optimally, the process looks like this:


1. Lettuce is cut from the field.


2. Next, they are given a gentle shower to get the sticky lettuce milk off. That’s plain water in there!


3. They are gathered 4 at a time; otherwise, they will not fit in the boxes.

IMG_1697 (2)

4. They are packed carefully and closely together.


























However, after a heavy rain this process doesn’t look quite so clean.  The soil is the lifeblood of our crops, so we can be forgiving when it doesn’t stay put on the ground from time to time.  Wash before eating, it’s as simple as that!  These beauties are well worth it!