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Lots of them.

We proudly grow over 40 varieties of certified organic vegetables on close to 700 acres in New Hamburg, ON.

And that’s just the beginning! We also pack for other local growers and run an import program to supply a full assortment of certified organic fruits and vegetables year-round

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Healthy Soil - Healthy Plants - Healthy People

We nurture our soil with extensive cover cropping. By the time they are ploughed under to provide nutrients to our chosen crops, they have already done so much more – retained moisture, prevented soil erosion, and sequestered carbon.

We also nurture our compost. Long rows of it can be found near every one of our fields. All season long they are added to and turned regularly. It may seem random and chaotic as various vegetables and plant matter are mixed together, but it is a carefully monitored process. The types of feedstock are chosen to achieve the right carbon to nitrogen ratio. This ensures that healthy bacteria and fungi populate the windrows. As it is breaking down, we turn it, and measure the temperature. By the time the last harvests are finished, it will be ready for spreading and being worked into the fields as a valuable soil amendment for the next season.

We practice crop rotation, which helps return nutrients to the soil without synthetic inputs. When planning, we have to consider what the soil conditions are like after harvest is finished, in order to decide what is best to plant there next. For instance, after a brassica crop such as kale or broccoli is finished, carrots tend to do more poorly in that particular field.

The benefits of crop rotation are extensive. It reduces weed pressure, interrupts pest and disease cycles, and supports biodiversity both above and below ground.

Post-Harvest Handling

Quality is a top priority for us, and we are able to accommodate the needs of all categories of vegetables and fruits. Our energy-efficient facilities include rapid cooling technology, production and packing lines, and proper storage areas that take into consideration humidity, temperature and ethylene. Our heat reclaim system allows us to recapture heat generated from the refrigeration system in our coolers, to heat our shipping office, loading dock (and a few other areas). Efficient and environmentally friendly too!

Once our leafy greens are harvested, they head to our “blast cooler” for immediate cooling. This is especially important in the high heat of summer. After that, they are stored in our regular cooler before being shipped out to customers. This will ensure the longest possible shelf life.

Our root crops are harvested in bulk, and most go to long-term storage. Our production teams bring them out as needed to be washed and packed throughout the winter months. Regularly packing out storage crops helps us manage the quality, so we know that what’s going out the door deserves to bear the Pfenning name.

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