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It can’t always be sunny in Canada!

When it comes to farming, we can only grow and harvest as the weather permits, and Canadian winters are long. Our import program was developed to fill the gaps for items that are out of season or not available locally. We enjoy fresh greens in the middle of winter as much as anybody, and who doesn’t love a Fairtrade banana? Offering imported produce also supports our ability to offer year round employment for our team; we all need jobs that sustain us throughout the year.

In choosing where to source our imports, we do our best to work with growers who share our values, and we are fortunate to work with so many.

Brands we love...


Some of these relationships have developed into partnerships, where select growers in the United States pack veggies with our specifications under our brand. When you see the “Pfenning US” brand, you know that you are getting products from one of these carefully cultivated partnerships. Pfenning’s US carrots are available from the end of local season until the next season begins again (usually January-August). Kale, broccoli, and sometimes spinach can be found in the Pfenning’s US label December-January. We are happy to be able to offer these products, so that eaters can identify them, and support our Ontario organic farm even when import is the only option.

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