January 12, 2017
By: Bernadette Antoniou

This year, the winner of the Wilhelm Pfenning Award is Karen Pfaff!


Wilhelm Pfenning Award

Today marks the 13th year Karen has been with Pfenning’s, and holds many roles and responsibilities.  Her official title is Manager of Sales, Accounting and Dispatch, and what this means is that she pretty much knows how to do everything around here.  Driver has a question at 5am?  Karen will answer.  Customer needs to know where their order is?  Karen’s got the info.  Customer needs help with a weird situation?  Karen’s got a solution. Growers need to be paid?  She’s on it.  Staff member needs help?  She’s there.  And so much more. Often her days start super early, and end after most others have gone home.  You’ll find her here many Sundays as well.  Neat and tidy rows and columns of numbers that balance is her happy place at work.   Outside of work her happiest moments are found with family and friends, accompanied by good food and wine.  And travelling the world.


R – L Regina Pfenning, Wolfgang Pfenning, Barnhild Pfenning, Jennifer Pfenning, Karen Pfaff

Her dedication to the organic industry is evident every day – with her hard work on the day-to-day runnings of the business and with her lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise.  Working hard and playing hard, she truly has a passion for a good life, and lives it to the fullest!  She exemplifies all the qualities that Wilhelm held dear, and she is an inspiration to those of us who work with her most closely.  Congratulations Karen!


Wolfgang, Karen, Ekk