October 27, 2017
By: Bernadette Antoniou

Trick or treat they say, and I guess that’s true

Treats they seem, but the trick’s on you!

Delicious and satisfying but just for a while

Won’t be long before I  feel pretty vile.



Chips and candy and chocolates galore!

Just thinking of that makes my belly feel sore.

Temptation will come, too much to resist

Next day regrets will leave me in bits.



I splurge, I gorge, I gobble and crunch.

Now is the time for a healthier munch.

Candy is great but it has to leave my table.

Eating like this is just not sustainable!


Give me carrots and cucumber, tomatoes and cherries

Give me apples, and lettuce, and other sweet berries

Eating like this I can do every day

It’s easy to see that it’s the best way!