March 05, 2015
By: Bernadette Antoniou

For those of you who have visited our farm, you may have noticed the heavy oak door on your way up to the office.  Right now, the glass insert is frosted over in a beautiful feathery pattern.  The dust, dirt, and weathering that is inevitable in a farm setting do not detract from the dignity of this old door.  The history of this door can be traced back to Gnostadt, Germany where Wilhelm Pfenning cut down the mighty oak tree it was built from.  Wilhelm’s brother-in-law, a carpenter by trade, built this door which graced the home of the Pfenning family for many hardworking and happy years.  The door was salvaged when the government expropriated the land and tore down the house that Wilhelm had built himself.  The Pfenning family arrived in Canada in 1981, and the door was shipped here that same year.  It was stored carefully until 1996, when it was installed in its current location.  It has been guarding us from the elements here in New Hamburg ever since.  It serves as a beautiful reminder of the importance of taking the best of an old life while embarking on a new one.