June 09, 2017
By: Bernadette Antoniou

The nature of what we do here means that we are always celebrating local food!  We grow 700 + acres ourselves, and we pack and distribute for other local growers as well – sometimes under our brand, sometimes under theirs depending on preferences.  This is why one of our core values as a business is to prioritise local food and local growers.  In order to have a fairly complete selection year-round, we import whatever is out of season or not available locally.  This also fulfils one of our long-terms goals of keeping people sustainably employed here – truck drivers, warehouse, production and office crews.

Seasonal work is very important in agriculture.

Fellow farmers – we both support and depend on you!  None of us can do this alone, and we are privileged to work with such a large group of dedicated people with integrity.  We share the challenges and difficulties that come with farming, and we also share experiences and knowledge to help each other.

Local greens

It would be impossible to do what we do without the people here – the Pfenning family, office crew, warehouse staff, production team, and seasonal field workers – every piece of this ever-growing puzzle is important and necessary.

Office, warehouse and production crews gathered for the Great Big Crunch!

Our customers, and their customers – thank you for choosing more local, now more than ever!  It makes a difference on so many levels.

Working together, growing good things.

From us to you – THANK YOU!