September 25, 2015
By: Celia Shantz and Bernadette Antoniou

Did you know that bees dislike the colour black?  They perceive it as a threat, and you’re more likely to be stung if you are wearing black clothing.  Too bad we didn’t know that ahead of time!  As it happened both of us were wearing black when we met Wolfgang out by the beehives to take some pictures, and to learn a thing or two.


This month the Organic Trade Association is having Organic Myth Busting Month. Today’s myth is: Organic won’t help save the bees. Fact: Organic practices have been found to protect and support the health of bees and other pollinators by decreasing their exposure to toxic pesticides and protecting natural habitats and biodiversity.  Who better to chat with about this topic than Wolfgang!


No black – check.  So what makes a bee happy?  Turns out, the answers are pretty simple.  A safe, clean environment to live in, a variety of “foods” to choose from, and lots of sunshine!  Very similar to us humans, don’t you think?


An organic farm is a perfect place for a colony of bees.  There are no toxic chemicals to harm them as they go about their daily lives.  There is a huge variety of plants they would find desirable, both those we grow on purpose, and those that grow wild.  Here on our farm, there are a number of areas that are home to many wild creatures, including bees.


In return, the bees play the biggest part in the pollination of the crops that we all depend on.  Without them, the world would be a very different place.  Guarding the well-being of these amazing creatures is the smart thing to do for every farmer – for every person!


Did you know that bees dance to communicate?  It reminds me of a very excited preschooler who can’t wait to tell you something!  Beekeepers call it the waggle dance, and they use it to communicate how to find a food source.  Check out this video here about how it all works.

IMG_2692 (3)

When Wolfgang talks about them, it is evident how much he loves them, and takes joy living side by side with them.


Tasting honey straight from the honeycomb is an experience we definitely wouldn’t mind having again.  The more we learn about bees, the more we love them!

                                                                                                     IMG_2715 (2)IMG_0981