September 14, 2018
By: Bernadette Antoniou

Interview with Wolfgang Pfenning

Q: When you think about all you do as a farmer, what is one important farming technique that has been passed down to you over multiple generations that is still effective today?

A:  There are some techniques we still use effectively (like crop rotation, and encouraging the population of natural predators of pests to our crops), but what comes to mind isn’t so much a technique, as a frame of mind.  We have to keep our instincts sharp and stay in tune with nature, the same now as we did before.  This mindset helps us make the best decisions we can in a wide variety of  situations.  We are always striving to grow our crops in the best ways we can, in harmony with our environment, without ever getting stuck in thinking that everything has been figured out already.  There are always new problems, new solutions, and new solutions to old problems, and if we keep our core values at the centre of the process, we will always find our way.