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T 200 17 Litre 1-8 kg per minute

Home bakers love this simple kneader, the ideal companion of the grain mills. This mixer is capable of mixing 1 to 8 kg of dough – moist or firm – in just a few minutes. Even the thickest rye dough is ready in just 10 minutes.  Kneading can be tiring and time consuming, but is an important feature of bread making: flour particles are completely hydrated and air is incorporated in the dough, helping the fermentation process and giving more resilience to the baked product, with a finer and more uniform texture.

The mixing bowl is a 17 litre, thick-bottomed stock pot. The geared motor and dough hook assembly is clamped onto the pot without difficulty. Once your dough – yeast-raised or sourdough – is kneaded, you can simply leave it in the stainless steel pot, remove the kneader head, cover it with the supplied lid and put it in a warm place.

The SAMAP T200 Kneader is driven by a robust industrial motor and a planetary gear reducer. For cleaning and storage, the kneading hook disconnects easily. It is a perfect machine: simple and safe to use, easy to clean, maintenance-free and compact.


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