Markata Marga 3 Roller Hand Mill

This is a new concept of machine with which you can quickly prepare excellent, fresh cereal flakes such as oats, wheat and rye, and the good flour of wheat, rye, rice, and other grains.

It is extremely simple to use. MARGA functions through the use of three special rollers which turn at different speeds. These rollers are powered by the handle. The distance between rollers is regulated by a knob which has three positions: position 1 to obtain flour and position 2 and 3 to obtain cereal flakes of different coarseness.

To obtain flour, the first pair of rollers (rollers 1 and 2) break the grain, while the second pair (rollers 2 and 3) which have a different speed, produces the flour. To obtain flakes, roller 3 does not grind the grain, the grain is simply crushed by rollers 1 and 2.

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