F100 Grain Mill

The F100 mill is adjustable to grind from powder fine to very coarse.  All dry and oil free grains (wheat, rye, oats, barley, millet, buck-wheat) can be ground fresh as required.

The F100 has a patented cooling turbine, which cools the grinding stones and the ground grain, without any heat build up. This cooling system has been proven, through scientific tests, to reduce the oxidation of wheat germ oil, vitamins, and trace minerals. The built-in solid motor with starter and operating condensers, gives you the expected capacity for many years, even with continuous use. The feeding speed is adjustable. This enables you to adjust the grinding capacity according to the structure of the grain you wish to mill (ie.. durum wheat is harder than normal wheat, consequently slower feed-in). A circuit-breaker prevents overloading the motor.

A further specialty of the SAMAP F100 grain mill is the patented flour ejector. Through a simple but very effective system the flour is ejected into a bag without creating any dust. A “Twist on/off” attachment enables you to use a glass jar as well . . . for those small amounts you want to grind quickly.

The F100 has a two year guarantee.

Technical data

  • Height (incl. hopper): ca. 460 mm (18″)
  • Base Diameter: ca. 200 mm (8″)
  • Weight: Ca. 9.0 kg. (20 lb.)
  • Motor: Short-circuit armature motor with starter and operating condensers, rated for continuous operation 350 watts, 120 Volt (1/2 HP)
  • Capacity: Minimum 100 gram/min. at finest adjustment

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